21 Things That Are Destroying Our Society.

Good grief, people! Let’s start making the world a better place by making sure that things like this never, ever happen again!
Things like these make me twitch!
1. Stay out of intersections! You’re just impeding traffic…

2. Who prices vending machine candy this way? Criminals!

3. Install a sink large enough to accommodate a human sized hand please…

4. Please, use apostrophes appropriately

5. When paying for an item in cash, unfold your crumpled bills prior to handing your money to the clerk!

6. Don’t be like Karen, throw away your garbage!

7. Install appliances so that they can actually be used… This is bush league!

8. I have no words…

9. If you must have a soul patch, please center it…

10. Tis is how urban blight begins, don’t be a part of the problem!

11. If you use up the roll, replace it!

12. Do not engage in false advertising!

13. This is a receipt for 1 item, why is it 3 feet long?

14. Never put your coffee stirring spoon into the sugar bowl!

15. Never leave just a sip in the container, just finish it!

16. This is just low, these should be in numerical order…

17. Don’t park like a jerk…

18. Rack your weights when you’re done.

19. Don’t let people find out class is cancelled this way… Learn to use email!

20. Why should I have to own a par of scissors to use a new pair of scissors?

21. Put up the toilet seat… No one should have to clean up after you…

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