Think You Had A Bad Day At Work? Think Again. OMG

This is what remains of Kansas City Fire Captain Charley Cashen’s gear after narrowly escaping a fire with his life.

The fire occurred in a residence in a South Kansas City home.
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Though a homeowner escaped safely, her grown daughter was trapped in the basement of the home and tragically died. Two family dogs also died in the fire.

Fire Capt. Charlie Cashen raced into a basement to search for Susan Herrera, 31, but soon found himself trapped by quickly spreading flames.
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He sought refuge in a bathroom and put out a MAYDAY call before deciding to charge through a wall of flames (floor to ceiling) in an effort to escape.

Thankfully Captain survived with burns and is able to share the lessons he learned.

He describes the incident in his own words:

“When I turned around and saw that wall of fire, I knew I was screwed. Because that was my only way out – I was in a bathroom – that was my only way out. I had to walk through that. I also knew – I was looking at the end right there. The pain – was enough, its what makes people jump out of 30 story buildings that kind of pain – and I had to go.”

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He tells the INCREDIBLE story of survival on ENGINE HOUSE TRAINING on a podcast here:

This is an incredible story… Things like this need to be shared, if you know a fireman, be sure to give him or her a big hug and a heartfelt thank you.

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