Funny Bear Walks Just Like A Human. It’s A Little Creepy.

In the video above you can watch a very funny Asiatic black bear walking on his hind legs, just like a human would. It is a little unsettling to see and my first thought was that it was a guy in a bear suit.

This is actually a real bear.

Sadly, this bear was rescued from a bear bile farm where he was kept in a small cage and fed very little food. The bear’s bile was extracted for use in certain medicines. The video was taken after the bear’s rescue.

Apparently, this behavior isn’t uncommon in bears and according to the expert in the video below, “Bears are quite capable of walking on only their hind legs, they just choose not to.”

That’s just what I want to see when I look outside of my window in the morning, a bear strolling down the street!

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