Truly Amazing! What this organization does for children is absolutely beautiful!

A Journey of Hope from Smile Train on Vimeo.

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Supporters of Eclectic Content, we ask you what act could be better that to give a child like this a chance at a better life? What greater impact could an organization have on a cleft child, repairing their smile and providing hope for the future?

Smile Train provides these services around the globe. They work hard to repair the smiles of thousands of children a year. A cleft child’s smile can be repaired for as little as 250 dollars.

Please consider supporting this wonderful organization with a monetary donation, at Smile Train or by volunteering with an innovative program called Smile-Powered Deeds!

Share this with everyone you know, we should all attempt to make a difference in these unfortunate children’s lives! Do you, Supporters of Eclectic Content, know of any other charities worthy of support?

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