Apple’s New iPhone 6 Has A Big, Bendy Flaw! Or Is It A Feature?

Many people are reporting that their brand new, high priced iPhone 6 plus phones are being bent and warped when being carried in their pockets.
Below is a video by Unbox Therapy showing just how easy it is to bend the new, large-screen Apple device.

Apple haters are already jumping on the isssue, which has been dubbed ‘Bend-gate’. The hilarious graphic below depicts the phone’s lack of structural integrity as a feature! Hilarious.

Normally, this graphic would have made for a wonderful centerpiece to a satirical article, but I was afraid that it might be a little too believable! Especially after the ‘Wave’ fiasco…

Skinny jeans = bent iPhone

Skinny jeans = bent iPhone!

Apparently, the wise advice of the day is DON’T keep your iPhone 6 in your pocket, especially if you wear tight, hipster jeans!

I don’t know about you, but I would be pissed if I had just bought one of these high priced devices only to have it bend in my pocket after a few days. The latest iPhone has broken sales records as more than 10 million units were sold over the opening weekend. Will this flaw curb the appetites of Apple enthusiasts? Apple has yet to respond to this situation, let’s hope the respond better that they did when the iPhone 4 had issues with dropped calls! I guess that this is the price that one pays for being an early adopter!


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