A Young Kid Named Dylan Put Out A Sign For A Free Piano Concert. What Happened Next is HeartWarming.

A Young kid named Dylan put up a sign in his yard for a free piano concert. Someone saw it and made a Facebook event… I don’t think that Dylan expected that a few hundred people would come out, in the rain, to cheer him on.

This makes me feel good, folks. It really goes a long way to restoring my faith in humanity.

Here is a picture of the original Sign on Dylan’s front yard

Here are pictures of the crowd and the signs that they carried

And here are shots of the performance and some after show refreshments

This short video is of the crowd that came out, in the rain, to support the young man.

This is so touching, for those few moments Dylan felt a rock star; what a cool thing for a neighborhood to do. Please share this story of kindness with you friends.

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Source: Imgur.