Selfies… It Has To Stop! Why Would Anyone Do This In Public?

I don’t think that these could be anymore cringeworthy!
Please, before you take a selfie, consider the people around you. Try, for just a moment, to think about how your actions might appear to others.

If you don’t, you might just wind up in a post like this one!

1. Kind of provocative for a public beach…
2. Generally speaking, your office is not the best place for this.
3. You would think the pain would keep you away from your camera.


4. No, no one would notice you doing this.
5. That old guy is gonna punch him!
6. Just blow out your candles!
7. Just taking an awkward selfie outside of the mens room.
8. Huh?
9. Toothbrushing selfie…
10. Is this really a thing that women do?
11. Water fountain selfie!
12. What is going on here?
13. Eyes on the grass, lawnmower man…
14. Never go full retard…
15. Oh come on… Is this a thing?
16. Look at these great deals!
17. I have questions about this picture… Is the gorilla wearing clothes?
18. Draw me like one of your French Girls…
19. See food selfie!
20. Just gotta find the right angle… Perfect!


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