Depression Era Photographs Put Our Modern Day Problems in Perspective.

The photographs below should remind us all that life just isn’t as bad as it was for this generation of Americans. The Great Depression occurred at a time before unemployment benefits, social welfare, or social security were available to assist citizens in need. During the depression, the unemployment rate was nearly 25% and many Americans were simply homeless or living in shanty towns and camps looking for work. Further, with war brewing in Europe and the Dust Bowl weather events, these must have indeed been terrifying times for Americans…

There has been a lot of press lately about income inequality and lack of middle class mobility. I can’t help but wonder what these folks might think of our living standards today. There are questions that I would like to ask these men and women that were trying to survive in these extraordinary times. Would they believe that life and standard of living has improved for Americans?


There is more of a gap between the wealthy and the poor than ever before and we now live at a time when the threat of terrorism is all too real. What would these people think of today’s world?

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SOURCE: Daily Mail Online.