Even Disney Characters Get Dressed Up For Halloween!

Halloween isn’t far off and even your favorite Disney characters are getting into the spirit! Artist Isaiah Stephens is treating us to a great kickoff to the Halloween Holiday with his illustrations of your favorite Disney Characters in costume!

Awesome fan art!

Princess Aurora as Danaerys Targaryen

Mulan as Xena

Charlotte LaBouff as The Pink Ranger

Flynn Ryder and Maximus as Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Jasmine as Chun-Li

Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen

Megara as Catwoman

Aladdin and Abu as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Milo as The Doctor

Giselle as Daphne Blake

Merida as Rogue

Sally as Raven

Ariel as Black Widow

Esmeralda as Michonne

Prince Philip as Indiana Jones

Cinderella as Annabeth Chase

Beast as The Hulk

Tiana as Avatar Korra

Kida as Storm

Prince Naveen as Jack Sparrow

Wendy Darling as Princess Leia

John Smith as Johnny Bravo

Alice Liddel as Buffy Summers

Prince Charming (Cinderella), Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), and Prince Florian (Snow White) as Sam, Castiel, and Dean

Snow White as Wonder Woman

Li Shang as Mako

Belle as Hermione Granger

Tinkerbell as Beatrix Kiddo

Peter Pan as Link

Jane as Lara Croft

Quasimodo as Austin Powers

Rapunzel as Sailor Moon

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