World War Two Veteran Flies Spitfire Again At 92 Years Old – WOW!

This 92-year-old woman hadn’t flown for over 70 years, but when she jumped behind the controls of this spitfire, she had a flawless flight.
Joy Lofthouse is 92 years old and hadn’t flown a Spitfire plane since World War Two, when she was in the Air Transport Auxiliary – that is until she rolled back the years and flew for the first time in 70 years.

Joy took to the skies in a flawless flight and was even interviewed by the BBC about her exploits.
When asked about the plane, she said:

It was the iconic plane. The spitfire lasted much longer because it’s such a wonderful aeroplane.

The nearest thing to having wings of your own and flying.

Now we have to agree, the plane is undoubtedly iconic, but Joy is a pretty iconic lady herself.

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h/t: UNILAD.