I Am Going To Remember These Men The Next Time I’m Having A Bad Day.

Whenever, I would complain about some crappy menial task that I was forced to do as a child my father would say, “At least your not jumping out of a higgins boat to charge the beaches of Normandy…”. You know what? He was absolutely right.

There is nothing like mortal peril or amazing feats of endurance to show you just how well you have it. Check out the exploits and accomplishments of the men below. These men have meet with real adversity, gave it a wedgie, and sent it packing with a black-eyes to boot. Like the guy who killed a bear by shoving his arm down its throat, strangling the beast unconscious with HIS TEETH, and then beating it to death with a stick?

Yeah, that’s the last time I complain about mowing the yard or working over the weekend…

These men are simply inspirational.

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H/T: eBaum’s World.