21 People Who Totally Fixed It For You! Hilarious!

I love improvised fixes and the ones below are guaranteed to last!

Check out these examples of hilarious fixes and share them with your friends!

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1. That’s one way to fix the side view…

2. That ought to hold it!

3. Didn’t even use duct tape!

4. I am sure that will be permanent…

5. Using a torch for a headlight? Really?

6. Umm, your door is ajar…

7. Innovative use of a hanger!

8. Anti-Snooze device!

9. A better bumper!

10. Nice window…

11. Now that is a timely fix!

12. Drive safely…

13. Nice camera!

14. Don’t touch it!

15. Nice plunger, Lady!

16. Thanks, but I’ll knock…

17. The eyes make it pop!

18. Nicely done!

19. I like it better this way!

20. Workish…

21. I’ve always wanted a sports car!

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