9 Things You NEVER Want To Find In The Toilet!

My brother used to flush stuff down the toilet when he was a toddler.

This gets so much weirder than toothpaste tubes and trucks.

1. Like, a friggin’ snake! They love toilets.
2. A shark! Two women having a relaxing stroll down the beach in Beaufort, South Carolina popped into a public bathroom and found a 3 ft long baby shark in one of the stalls.
3. A pig head! The pic was shot in the bathroom of a local rowing club in Amsterdam, ASR NEREUS. This is their form of hazing.
4. A possum! They can travel through 50 feet of water filled pipes.
5. A drunk person!


6. A creepy person! Apparently, he’d been frequenting outdoor concerts and hanging out in the tank of spot-o-pots. Yuck! Police eventually caught him.
7. Spiders! This really does happen.
8. No! No! No! There’s a restaurant in Taiwan where you can sit on toilets in the dining room and eat from miniature toilets.
9. What the hell?!?!

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