These Images Should Make You Rethink Homelessness. Can We Do More?

We walk by them and we pretend they are not there… We ignore their rattling cups and their pleas for spare change. We see the tents in the parks and wonder how they came to live the way that they do. Why would someone live on the streets? Can’t they just get a job?

The lowest paid 20% of all United States households earn just 3.2% of all annual income in the United States. How many missed paychecks do you think are between these families and the streets?

These are real people, with real stories. It is clear that many Americans could find themselves in similar straights with just a bit of bad luck…

Do you believe it is shameful that The United States, the wealthiest nation on Earth, has such a persistent problem with homelessness? Does it disturb you that while some live on the streets, the top 1% of all United States households control more than 38% of all of the wealth?
Can We Change It? Can We Do More? Can we at least stop ignoring this problem? Please share this with anyone that will listen…

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Image Source: Imgur.