17 Of The Funniest Coincidences That Were Ever Recorded! LOL!

Call it Irony, Call it coincidence… I really don’t care, it’s funny whatever you call it!

Do your best not to laugh and share with your friends!

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1. Maybe the dog should go back for his Masters

2. No! Not Braveheart!

3. That spray does not work as advertised.

4. So… All stocked up?

5. Apparently not…

6. Wind Seeker?

7. Sadly…

8. Nothing IS written in stone!

9. Your and you’re… So close, yet so far apart.

10. Circular file!

11. Gross

12. Flaming!

13. Apparently…

14. American Freedom, made in China.

15. Following directions I see…

16. Nope!

17. They may suck, but they save lives.

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