You Have to See This Hotel Concept! Jenga Anyone?

This hotel concept looks more like a giant game of Jenga than a place where travelers might stay…

The designers of the Hive-Inn concept visualized a hotel made of recycled shipping containers, with each container becoming a “brand themed” room. Moreover, the hotel is designed from the ground up to be altered as Brand advertising relationships or occupancy needs change.
The Hong Kong-based architects OVA Studio seem to incorporate advertising opportunities at every turn, but there are no plans to build the hotel yet

The designers theorize that this design could also be adapted for emergency housing or medical care units as well as portable homes. The design incorporates a central shaft that provides the container structure and features Green space as well.

Did anyone read “Ready Player One”? Is this the “Stacks” come to reality? I don’t think that I would be interested in staying in a hotel designed to inundate its occupants in brand advertising…

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Source: Daily Mail Online.