What Was Found In This Apartment Was Straight Out Of A Horror Movie. OMG

This is Oleg Mitasov. He is said to have been an educated man, with a Masters Degree in Economics. The story is that his illness developed after he had left the his PhD thesis behind in a streetcar, losing months of work and never becoming a PhD. It is known that Oleg Mitasov was born in 1953, lived in the city of Kharkov, Ukraine and died in late 1999 from tuberculosis in one of the psychiatric hospitals in the same city. This is what was found in his flat.

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Mitasov covered all of his walls and furniture with creepy inscriptions. Some of them are legible, some are just a set of letters. “Mitasov” and “VAK” (ВАК, the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, where he was supposed to bring his manuscript) are common words that he scribbled.
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5 - c5DJLZc

6 - E5mSmfT
When he ran out of space to write, he started new layers.
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8 - XDILZdf


After his death, the building was sold. There is a an office building there now. How comfortable would you be working in a office in this building? Check out this creepy video tour of Oleg Mitasov’s flat.

I do not have a strong desire to know what all of that writing means. This is some Dead Space or Seven type craziness. Creepy, creepy, creepy…

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