What They Did To This Bus Will Blow Your Mind! What A Neat Way To Travel.

Back in 2013 it was the life goal of Imgur user claireanoia to renovate and live in a bus. The bus renovations took place from March 2013 to May 2013.

They lived on the bus from end of May-13 to Oct-13 and traveled from Toronto, ON to Victoria, BC and then down to California, getting as far south as Big Sur before the bus broke down near Petaluma, CA.

The bus cost $2000 originally and the revovations and repairs cost between $5000-$7000. What a way to live!
The Original Bus
01 - The First Time

Removing the interior items. (Seats and floors)
02 - The Interior seats removed

03 - The Interior floor removed

04 - Floor removal

The bus floor, sealed and painted.
06 - Sealed amp Painted the Floor

Framing out the bus.
07 - Framing Begins

08 - More Framing

Got to have a sound system!
09 - Subwoofer amp Couch

10 - Framing Nearly Complete

Everyone that worked on the bus signed the floor. They later put down laminate flooring.

12 - Under the Floor
The kitchen
13 - The Kitchen
Nearly done with the interior
14 - Pretty Much Done

15 - Convex Mirror View
Finished interior
16 - The Finished Interior

The bus was then primed
11 - Primer

Then painted
17 - The Paint Job

What do you do with a converted school bus? Take it on the road, of course!
18 - On The Road

Near the Rocky Mountains
19 - Almost to the Rockies

20 - Mountains Through the Dash

At Motion Notion
21 - Motion Notion 2013 Golden BC

22 - Mountain Sunset

23 - Broken Down in Nevada after Burning Man 2013
Symbiosis Music Festival
24 - Symbiosis 2013

Sadly, this is the last photo of the incredible bus.
25 - My last photo

Shortly after Symbiosis the bus broke down for good, in Petaluma, California. The poor girl was driven into the ground with a blown head gasket, the motor was completely destroyed.

Since the cost to repair it was so high, the bus was abandoned and the guys headed back to Canada. Kind of a sad ending, but that is life.

Looks like she was a great little bus!

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