15 People Who Macgyver’d Their Way Out of a Sticky Situation!

When I was young and would complain about something being old or to beat up to use, my mother used to tell me the following:

“Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or do without.”

I used to think that she was a little crazy, but she grew up in a place and at a time when that was true. People used to actually fix things and tinker with the items in their lives that broke down. We just don’t do that anymore, do we?

Macgyver’ing things is simply a lost art! Check out these examples of people making it work!

1. Using an RC car to tune your stereo. Genius!

2. Duct tape fixes many things…

3. That will keep the laptop cool!

4. +1 to dishwasher repair skill.

5. RPM to speed converter. Who needs a speedometer?

6. Pencils and tape. Perfection!

7. Have a lot of PC case fans? Make one of these!

8. It’s still good for something!

9. Excellent use of a lego man.

10. Velcro for your power plug. Brilliant!

11. PC bookshelf.

12. Duct tape roll + duct tape = cup holder!

13. FTW!

14. PC throne. Impractical, but I like it!

15. This is actually a bit disturbing…

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