Man Facts! Good To Know! It’s A Bummer About The Bacon Though.

Man Facts… Yep, it seems that these are actually true. I would never have guessed that overweight people are 42% less likely to commit suicide. Apparently it is true! I have done extensive research on this (meaning a five minute google search) and it seems as though the obese commit suicide less and can make love longer. Ponder that for a second… Apparently this Suicide statistic only applies to men though, obese women don’t get suicide risk reduction as a benefit. Although men in general commit suicide at three times the rate of women, fat or skinny. You also have to love the fact that a man’s brain is, on average, 10% larger than a woman’s, but it doesn’t make them smarter. It probably makes us dumber…

Also, for the record, I have vegan friends that would likely make an exception for bacon if they knew that it reduced their ability to procreate.

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Source: Imgur.