This Man Quit His Job To Follow His Childhood Dream. Would You?

When he was younger, Joe Sellers was in an after-school computer programming club. While in junior high school he felt inspired to write a letter to his idols at Sierra, whose games had inspired him to one day be a game developer.

It was my dream job, to be a game designer there! They published my favorite adventure games: King’s Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, Conquests of the Longbow, and so much more..

1 - Postmarked March 10 1995 this letter was sent to my junior high school addressed to me

To his surprise, Sierra wrote him back.

I was so giddy when my teacher handed me this letter. I saw Sierra’s logo, shown every time you launched one of their games, like how film companies do it. I was so excited…

I could not believe that they actually wrote me back!

2 - quotThank you for your letter and interest  and good luck on all of your future plansquot

In brief, the letter from Sierra wished Sellers the best of luck on his future endeavors. “Thank you for your letter and interest… and good luck on all of your future plans,” he summarizes. But they also mentioned something he should pursue if he wanted a career programming:

In order to be successful in the field of computer programming we recommend a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Master of Science in Computer Science.

However, Sellers explains, he never earned his degree in Computer Science as life took him down a different path. He writes on Imgur:

Twenty years ago this month, my dream job’s company wished me good luck on all of my future plans.

I never got a degree in Computer Science. Life took me another way. It was dull and miserable work. Last year, I decided to be the master of my own fate.

After quitting my job in retail management, I taught myself how to code. And guess who just published his first game for Apple and Google?
I am so happy. I am working my dream job. With my first game released, I can now officially call myself an indie game developer.

This letter is a reminder to Sellers that he is on the right track, pursuing his childhood dream.
And with a 4 star rating on the iTunes store and a slew of good reviews for his new interactive fiction game, it appears that following your dreams can sometimes be pretty rewarding.

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