If You Found A Message In A Bottle, What Would You Do?

Finding a message in a bottle is one of those wonderful cliches built into western society. Finding a message in a bottle is a path to treasure and adventure and these friends found an ACTUAL message in a bottle. Simply put, the contents of this bottle were simply beautiful.

Here is the bottle that they found. It looks fairly ornate, right?
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Here are their attempts to open the bottle so as to retrieve the message within.
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The message as laminated and sealed with tape.
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The message within was beautiful. It tells the story of Melvin, his family, his love of the sea, and his death.
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They rolled the message back up and tied it with a hair band an then resealed the bottle.
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Then they sent Melvin back out to sea!
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Have a great journey, Melvin!
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Wow! This is such a cool story. I hope that Melvin’s family is happy to know that he is still on his last ocean voyage!

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So my friend found a message in a bottle while fishing. – Imgur.