19 Hilarious Illustrations For Movie Title Typos! LOL

Blogger and artist Austin Light clearly has a love for pop culture and media. He combined this passion with typos of famous movie titles that he saw on Reddit to create a funny series of illustrations for the glorious movies that might have been.

My personal favorite is Ron Man, because Swanson is awesome.

1. “Ron Man”

2. “Rave”

3. “Alen”

4. “Raining Day”

5. “Pup Fiction”

6. “Beauty and the Beat”

7. “Pollo 13″

8. “Fight Cub”

9. “Jurassic Par”

10. “Obocop”

11. “Mr. and Mrs. Sith”

12. “Finding Emo”

13. “Men”

14. “Harry Otter”

15. “T”

16. “Dive”

17. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hoe”

18. “The Fat and the Furious”

19. “O Bother, Where Art Thou?”

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