24 Easy Tips To Make Parenting Just A Little Bit Easier.

Being a parent is hard. You are the sole source of care, feeding, and entertainment for your children. What a monumental task!

Hopefully, some of these tips will make it a bit easier!

A maxi pad can help with the little accidents that happen during potty training.

Using a bit of wadded up tissue can help kids learn to hold a pencil properly.
A little baking soda and water helps draw out splinters.

Baking soda can also be used to clean up many types of stains…

I used this one myself. Zip ties are temporary, no holes to fill later!

A DVD case can be used to make an art kit.

A laundry basket can be used at bath time to keep baby and toys contained.

A shoe rack can help organize kid’s things in your car.

Use a shower cap to keep the soap out of baby’s eyes.

Pool noodles can be used to keep a child from rolling out of bed.

When your child grows out of it, convert your old crib into a desk.

Temporary tattoos can help you find your child, should he or she wander off.

Use a rubber band to hold a sliced apple together.

Muffin wrapper can be used to stop a dripping popsicle.

Put baby to work cleaning the floors. (I wouldn’t recommend this one!) ;-)

Little kids often can’t reach the faucet, make a spout for them.

No more fingers caught in doors! Pool noodles are very useful!

Make a hammock using a sturdy bed sheet.

This out to make sure that they do their chores.

Useful and time saving tip.

I can get behind this type of motivation.

Flying with children? Apologize in advance by making care packages for the people around you.

Glitter makes a nice touch for the Tooth Fairy!

I must know if this works for adults.

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