People Who Don’t Understand Gas Stations. Who Knew It Was So Hard?

I had no idea that so many people were unaware of how gas pumps are supposed to work…

Perhaps New Jersey is justified in requiring full service attendants at gas stations. Also, there is a pro tip included at the bottom of this article. Read it; it may change your life.

1. No, the nozzle goes in the tank.

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2. Apparently, even law enforcement officers aren’t immune.

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3. If it says, “out of order”, it probably won’t work.

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4. See the pro tip…

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5. Smoking at the pump is generally frowned upon.

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6. Again, see pro tip…

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7. Jeezzz.

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8. Hope he’s insured.

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9. This seems to happen a lot!

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10. Pro tip is at the bottom…

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11. Remove the pump handle from the vehicle.

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12. Why does this keep happening?

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13. That’s… just not right.

13 - nnebkGz

14. Where is he putting that fuel?

14 - V16lSHS

15. The gas pump is not a car wash…

15 - ltATJjB
Source: Imgur.

PRO TIP: There’s an easy way to tell where your gas cap is!
If the arrow points to the left, the gas cap is on the left of the vehicle.


If the arrow points to the right, the gas cap is on the right of the vehicle.


So now you know! Share this extremely important information with your friends!

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