No One Looks That Good, Not Even Celebrities. Unless You Use Photoshop!

Yeah, we all knew that photographs of celebrities were touched up, but seeing the before and after pictures right next to each other certainly makes the difference obvious…

Photoshop can do wonders to skin tone, hair color, and certainly seems to be the secret to good looks! Who needs plastic surgery? The message in these pictures is that that standard of beauty that the media sets for us, both men and women, is largely unattainable. We need to stop beating ourselves up for not being perfect, because clearly no one is!

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Gwen Stefani

Scarlett Johansson

George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Moss


Ashlee Simpson

Penelope Cruz

Katie Couric

Faith Hill


Britney Spears

Angelina Jolie

Kim Cattrall

Emma Watson

Lindsay Lohan

Rachel McAdams


Avril Lavigne

Bethenny Frankel

If you’re not convinced that anyone can look amazing with a bit of photoshop check out these random MUG SHOTS that have been touched up. Mug shots are generally not taken on the best day in a persons life, but photoshop can turn even these into glamour shots!

Mug shot image source: Imgur
So listen people, stop trying to live up to an impossible standard of beauty… This level of attractiveness is only attainable through photo manipulation

Nobody looks that good!

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