These 23 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 10th One. There Are Simply No Words.

These photographs are both touching and terrifying. The capacity of the human species to commit great evil is counter-balaneced only by its equal capacity for good.
Please enjoy these truly amazing images.

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1. The ruins of Dresden. The large-scale destruction caused by WWII is both astonishing and terrifying.

3. Bruce McCandless making the first untethered spacewalk. This photo shows just what bravery is.

2. Some of the last Photos taken by Robert Landsburg who was about 7 miles from Mt St Helens when it erupted in 1980, he perished in the ash flow.

4. Aftermath of the Jonestown Massacre, the very concept of cults has always unnerved me. This single image represents all of the dangers of unquestioning allegiance to any pursuit or cause.

5. Two seconds before execution – Polish resistance members, in the Warsaw Uprising 1944, their faces reacting to their inevitable end.

6. Conrad Schumann’s defection to West Berlin. This is the thirst and quest for freedom

7. Protestors, in Manila, consoling weeping riot guard, Joselito Sevilla. This photograph speaks to me; we are all human after all.
riot guard

8. This amazing salt flat in Bolivia. That such a thing exists in this world is cause for celebration.

9. This picture was taken by Reynaldo Dagsa, a Filipino politician. That man behind his family is his assassin. This was taken seconds before he was shot.

10. Shell shocked soldier. This photo tends to unnerve people, the look in the soldier’s eyes is unbearable.

11. 1945 – German POWs weep and sit in disgust as they watch footage shot at a German concentration camp. Again, unquestioning allegiance is a very dangerous thing…

12. This photograph was taken a few moments before two engineers died on a fiery wind turbine. I wonder what they were thinking and what they discussed as they were standing there.

13. Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean war in the early 1950′s. Even in the midst of war there can be kindness.

14. A soldier making the long walk to defuse a car bomb in Northern Ireland. The sign is well placed to narrate the scene.

15. This candid picture was taken at a time when Einstein visited Bermuda.

16. People celebrating the reunification on top of the Berlin Wall. One of the first news stories that I remember from my childhood, very touching.

17. Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson’s Labrador retriever Hawkeye stays at his master’s side during an emotional funeral. The unconditional love shown by this dog is heartwarming.

18. The Space Shuttle in orbit, a symbol of the great things that mankind has achieved.

19. A man gives his sandals to a barefoot, homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro. This simple act of charity should inspire us all.

20. Earth as seen from just beyond Saturn. How small and insignificant our troubles seem at this great distance.

21. Firefighter gives koala water after devastating fire. This image has always stuck with me. Compassion, people…

22. A lone man refusing to do the “Sieg Heil” salute. Dissent is right and proper; it takes great courage but can inspire change.

23. 7 year old Jack Hoffman, a boy who is fighting brain cancer, scoring a touchdown during Nebraska’s spring game. The fact that an entire stadium full of people conspired to make this child’s dream come truly amazes me. Humans are capable of great things…

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