15 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Friends! LOL

Pranks can be great entertainment, as long as you aren’t on the receiving end! Here are 15 devastating ideas for pronking your roommates and coworkers.

A word of caution, some of these might get you punched in the face!

1. The old replace-deodorant-with-cream-cheese trick
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2. That would be… terrible! Bait Spray!

3. Air-horn door stop.

4. No-lather soap.

5. Simple, but effective, fake poo.

6. That first sip of coke should be unsettling…

7. That’s just mean.

8. Toothpaste oreos? This is a sin!

9. This could run afoul of local laws.

10. That will learn ‘em.

11. Well, this guy is just an idiot.

12. I leave these out for kids every Easter!

13. Mayo donut?

14. Sneaky

15. Caramel onion… Think this might be tasty?

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