I Have Never Seen Anything Like These 19 Dogs. Is That Poirot? Can I Take Him Home?

I would like to again remind all of you that I am a total dog person. I guess my allergies just never allowed me to grow very fond of cats. However, even if your not a dog person, you can’t deny that these dogs are each special in their own way. These fur and eye color variations will totally melt your heart.

These are some of the most unusual dog colorations you’ll ever see. They’re spotted, striped, and exuding adorableness. Brace yourself for the cuteness below!

1. Love the Baby Blues.

2. All Fluffy White Love.

3. Little Pandas.

4. Half of a Blue EyeIsn’t Bad!

5. Striking.

6. Poirot!

7. Yep, definitely Poirot!

8. That’s Unique.

9. Chimera.

10. Lovely Eyes.

11. Heart Shaped Spot.

12. I Think That’s a Muppet.

13. Awww.

14. That Coloring is Awesome.

15. Too Cute!

16. Wild Spots.

17. Again.

18. I Am Certain That This Dog Is Made Of Bubblegum.

19. Zebra Dog!

20. Love The Spots!

I told you that these dogs were adorable… Makes you want to go out and adopt a new best friend, doesn’t it?

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