Dangerous and scary work, Suicidal! This guy is paid to be shot at!! Is this even worth it?

Supporters of Eclectic Content… We here at Amplifying Glass are just baffled on this one. We are literally speechless… Why would anyone not employed by the military want to be shot at? Wait… Scratch that, why would ANYONE want to be shot at? Well that is exactly what photographer Jay Gibson gets paid to do. No, he is not a journalist reporting from a war-zone, just a guy that likes to take pictures of other guys shooting at him… Now again, the editorial staff here at Amplifying Glass would like to stay out of gun politics, but the issue of safety is one that is very important to us. Again, safety applies to all endeavors: Driving, Cycling, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Sports; maybe not blogging, but you get our drift. Safety requires the use of good judgement, which Mr Gibson seems to lack, and we love pointing out others lack of good judgement. As they say: “Sometimes the purpose of a life is to be a warning sign for others”. You know, an example… of what not to do!

I am not sure how much I would need to be paid to snap photographs of shooters firing live rounds 24 inches to each side of my chest and head, but I am CERTAIN that it would be enough to retire on.

My question to you, Supporters of Eclectic Content, is it worth the risk? Is this man damaged in some way? Have you seen others doing anything remotely as pointless or dangerous?

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