These 29 People Might Be Smartarses, But They Sure Are Funny!

You come across people in your life that think they’re comedians and are gifted with a sublime skill for sarcasm, the guerrilla style of wit that I love so much. These people were born with a gift for sarcasm that that is simply unrivaled, they are, quite simply, sarcasm artisans. These people should be celebrated, they make the world a much better place, and these 29 people have taken their sarcasm game to a whole new level!

1. That is amazing, it took time and dedication to put that gag together!

2. True. True.

3. Just doing my job, Boss.

4. A Windows user at work.

5. What, no ransom?

6. Ha

7. Feed the machine!

8. Ah, the bright side of failure.

9. If I pee on it, it’s a urinal.

10. The x-acto bandit strikes again!

11. They never do work, do they?

12. Yes, quite.

13. Hehehe.

14. This is awesome.

15. Nice

16. Got you there, doesn’t she?

17. Excellent interpretation!

18. Very punny.

19. The bidding war begins!

20. Nice caption!

21. Maybe I will put something similar on my grave stone; “My Doctor Said It Wasn’t Serious”

22. Good grief!

23. Ha! Got him.

24. Take that!

25. Dirty artisan scum.

26. Shots fired!

27. Clever.

28. Well, they’re not.

29. Sharpness required.

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