This is Really a Sport? What a Painful Competition!

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This is a traditional competition at the Cotswold Olympicks, and shin kicking is believed to be at least 400 years old. The participants pack their pants legs with straw, square up, grab each other’s shoulders, and commence kicking each other in the shins as hard as they can… Oh, I am sure that there is some technique to this, but kicking the other guy really hard in the shin seems to be the goal. The matches are decided on a best of three basis, and are overseen by referee or “Stickler” (guy with the stick?), as the locals call them. What does the stickler do with that stick?

It seems that in days past the shin kicking competition was even more brutal, with competitors wearing steel toed boots. (ouch!!) However, the sport has been “modernized” and rules stipulate that participants must wear sneakers (at least that is what the Britt’s mean when they say trainers).

This sport seems particularly violent, I like it. Nothing says friendly competition like breaking your opponents leg…

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