Ron Swanson… Our Quirky, Drunk Uncle!


Oh, Ron Swanson… You are the living embodiment of what it is to be a man. You work wood like a boss, eschew government interference and bureaucracy, and firmly believe in the merits and benefits of consuming vast amounts of animal protein. Oh, and lets not forget about your love for scotch!


However, you might not know that Nick Offerman is not too far from his Parks and Recreation character in real life. For example, you may not be aware that he actually IS a woodworker. He has his own wood shop in Los Angeles called the Offerman Wood Shop. Check it out:

Offerman Woodshop Home – Woodworkers Collective – Los Angeles – Offerman Woodshop.


In addition, he is the author of the book “Paddle Your Own Canoe”, a book in which he describes his ideas on manliness and offers advice on life situations. The book trailer is below.

He certainly seems to be a very earnest guy, with some interesting stories and life lessons to impart to younger generations of Americans.

If the Most Interesting Man in the World was our Grandpa we would want Nick Offerman to be our quirky, drunk uncle…

Holiday parties would be a blast with this guy around.


My copy of Nick’s book is on the way, Have any of you read it? Was it any good?

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