A Collection Of Absolutely Horrifying Torture Devices

These torture devices simply make my skin crawl… I cannot imagine living in a time when implements like these were used to extract confessions or administer punishment.

We clearly live in better times, although I am not sure that water-boarding or electrocution are all that much better…

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The Brazen Bull. Slow roasting…

Drawing and Quartering. Unless your Stretch Armstrong, this would hurt…

Breaking in the wheel. Ouch!

Scavenger’s Daughter. Compressed until your ribs break, no thanks.

Sawing. Self explanatory and a sickening way to die.

Pear of Anguish. Wait! Where are you going to put that?

Breast Ripper. Just wasteful…

Judas Cradle. No thank you!

Heretic’s Fork. Posture is important!

Iron Chair. Not cool…

Crocodile Shears. I hope that’s been sterilized.

Knee Splitter. Wow!

Spanish Donkey. That’s just evil…

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Source: Imgur.