In the 60′s, This Is What We Thought The Future Would Bring! Not Too Far Off! LOL

If you haven’t noticed, humans tend to spend a lot of their time trying to predict the future. These are some interesting predictions for the future that were made in the 50′s and 60′s. Many of these ideas have actually come to pass, but some just never materialized…

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We did this, its called Voicemail

We did this too, but portable air conditioners are mainly for apartments and small spaces!

Automatic doors seem a better solution!

No Jetson’s flying cars just yet!

A self driving car? Google is on it!

We have these today! Self check-in kiosks can be found in most airports!

This is like the food hydrator from Back To The Future II!

Food truck we have, but the food is still made the old fashioned way…

There are washer/dryer combos, but someone has yet to make an automated press and fold!

I really hate folding laundry, someone needs to get on this!


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H/T: The Huffington Post.