Walmart, Die Better… Now Selling Caskets And Urns At Everyday Low Prices.

Walmart has over 11,000 stores in 27 different countries. Over 2 million employees work for the retail chain. Last year, Walmart earned $405 billion in revenue, it is one of the largest companies in the world and the largest private employer in the U.S.

However, did you know that Walmart also sells caskets and funeral urns? That’s right, now you can take advantage of rollback pricing even after death!
“Prestige Popular Casket, Cherry,” Everyday Low Price- $1549.

“Floral Elegance Casket”, Everyday Low Price- $1554.17.

“The Official Vatican Observatory Foundation Mahogany Casket”, Everyday Low Price- $3799.

“Midnight Blue Casket”, Everyday Low Price- $1241.82.

“Star Legacy Blue Tapestry Dome Casket”, Everyday Low Price- $759.

“Official MLB Baltimore Orioles Casket”, Everyday Low Price- $2,459.

“Old Glory Urn”, Everyday Low Price- $104.70.

“Wings of Freedom Urn”, Everyday Low Price- $35.26.

“Official MLB San Francisco Giants Urn”, Everyday Low Price- $599.

“Soulful Peace Brass Urn”, Everyday Low Price- $95.74.

What a relief! Now my great Walmart savings don’t have to stop when I die!
I propose a new slogan: Walmart: From The Cradle To The Grave

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Source: Walmart’s coffin and urn selection Via VN