A Bizarre Obsession With Cosmetics Surgery Leaves One Girl Looking Like Dobby From Harry Potter!

Rina Nanase, a 25-year-old Japanese idol, apparently has an obsession with plastic surgery… I am not certain what look she was actually going for, but right now she kind of looks like Dobby the Elf, from the Harry Potter films. Just look at the picture below! AMIRITE?

Look how this poor girl used to look… Wholesome and well featured.

However, over the past year or so she has elected to receive several surgeries, which she chronicled on her Twitter account, to make herself look like… an Alien? a Manga drawing?

I wonder if it is difficult to eat with that terribly sharpened jaw… That might explain the extreme weight loss.

People never cease to amaze me. I hate going to a doctor even when it is absolutely necessary and this girl elects to receive numerous surgeries in an apparent effort to look like an X-Files episode.

Misery + You – Me = Funny


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Photos: Rina Nanase/Twitter